How to Make: Vegan Blueberry Cookies

How to Make: Vegan Blueberry Cookies

You know you are onto a good recipe when the kids ask you for it and you make it twice in one week. These Blueberry Vegan Cookies are a huge hit in my household. I’ve never really tried any vegan products or food before and the "veganism" is through a lot of countries around the world and is incredibly good for the environment.

I was speaking to some friends from Canada and they were raving about these amazing vegan blueberry cookies... Yes all we know in Australia they are called a biscuit... But when is a cookie a cookie and a biscuit a biscuit? 

My friends wouldn't stop about these "cookies" and how everyone there are making them.  So within one conversation I had huge FOMO and was intrigued to know what all the hype was about so thought why not! Let's give it a go!

So I think you guessed it, I went and asked "how do you make these" and on Saturday when the kids were asleep and I had the kitchen to myself I tempted the famous "Blueberry Vegan Cookies".

It was actually super easy,  the hardest part was trying to find the Vegan butter and chocolate, but everything else was fine and believe it or not it ended up right there in the supermarket. Easy!

With a few licks of the fingers to make sure they tasted good and a few or a lot of vegan chocolate chips  - who doesn’t like chocolate chips...oh my god if you don’t eat one while baking you must have crazy good willpower - I finished making these and it was time for my toughest critiques...the kids.

So like most boys when they smell food, ran down to the kitchen the moment I pulled them out  - "hang on guys you're meant to be asleep!" (well I'm not sure about your household, but in our household and with lockdown and home schooling the whole routine is out the window and the kids pretty much run my house!). Smashing not one not two but three.

No point trying to hold them back while they cooled and didn't burn fingers - if you live in a house of boys you know to stay clear of them and food and just get out of the way.  Even the BIG BOY had a hand in there! They never learn.. But if you could smell these cookies through your screen you would agree!

This would have to have been one of the easiest cookies I have ever made. Within an hour of baking them and I think within two hours of making them - they were gone...

Now its your turn - Give them a go! Try Vegan to tick it off the list. Tell your friends you do Vegan recipes all the time - a sure winner! Don't forget to give me  and them FOMO  and tag us in your pics! @kitchenhomewares we will rub for all to see!




- 1 cup all-purpose flour⁠
- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder⁠
- 1/8 teaspoon salt⁠
- 1/3 cup vegan butter, soften⁠
- 1/3 cup granulated sugar⁠
- 1/3 cup frozen blueberries⁠
- 1/2 cup vegan white chocolate chips⁠




Cream butter and sugar in stand mixer until fluffy and light in colour.⁠


Creaming Butter and Sugar in a Kitchen Aid Mixer

Microwave blueberries and then mash blueberries. turn mixer to high. Gradually add flour baking powder and salt to the blueberry mix to form a dough. Place in freezer for 30 mins


Shape 12 cookie balls and lightly press with a fork. On a tray in the oven  (200) for 10 mins or until starting to go golden.⁠ 


They are so simple, so easy I came home one day for lunch and decided to make a second batch double the mixture and they turned out great. My next one is to try with bananas instead of blueberries... I’ll let you know how it goes!



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