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Collection: OXO Pop 2.0 Food Storage Containers

Shop The Range of OXO POP 2.0 for high quality storage containers. They are famously known for their Food Storage Containers from Pop Containers to fill and organise your pantry.  Shop Cereal Containers, Cookie Jars and more Food Containers. 

With its signature pop-up button, no-fail airtight seal, and modular stackability, OXO POP looks great in any space and can be customized to create the perfect storage solution.  

The new POP containers stack perfectly with existing POP containers, so you can easily integrate them into your collection. POP containers are easy to disassemble for cleaning and are now dishwasher safe.  

Stackable and space-efficient, POP Containers are designed for modular use, so you can organise in any number of height combinations to fit your countertop and pantry. Push-button mechanism creates an airtight seal with just one touch. Corners are shaped for pouring. Lids come apart for cleaning.


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OXO Pop 2.0 Food Storage Containers