Bondi Wash - Kennel Spray Paperbark & Lemongrass 150ml

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A spray to freshen your dog's bedding or kennel or to spray directly on your pup in between washes.  Paperbark is an Australian native with wonderful properties including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insect-repellent but also relaxes and soothes.  Combined with zesty lemongrass and other essential oils, this spray smells divine and can be used as a room spray if desired.
Spray directly onto your dog's bed or into its kennel to kill germs, remove odours, repel insects, freshen and deodorise. Can be sprayed directly onto the dog's fur in between washes to freshen. Do not spray directly into eyes or mouth.

Purified water, plant-derived alcohol, plant-derived emulsifier, Australian bush oils, essential oils, food-grade preservatives.

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