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Dopper Water Bottle 450ml - Blue Lagoon

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Dopper Water Bottle 450ml - Blue Lagoon is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Dopper Blue Lagoon suits you because you are exotic, light and sparkling. Like the 21st-century reincarnation of Brooke Shields and/or Christopher Atkins (take it from us, it's worth Googling), you can brave every wave without ruining your hair. You are as calm and cool as the Caribbean Sea, but we all know that still waters run deep. Of course the light blue drink bottle goes together with a tropical sun and you can have it by combining your Blue Lagoon bottle with the Hello Yellow cap. Are you more of a fan of sunsets? The sum total of the Simply Red cap together with your light blue Dopper bottle is pure magic. Does the thought of water sports make your mouth water? If so, combine your baby blue Dopper with the Deep Purple Sport Cap. 

We have three different colours of blue. In the pictures you can see what the differences are!


Arr, me mateys, anchor your pirate ship in this Blue Lagoon, because here you have run across a true treasure. This light blue Dopper is a tropical surprise that immediately transports you away to a desert island. Just think of it: swaying palm trees, the sand between your toes, a turquoise sea, the coconut full of rum…. Ah, our minds are wandering, but let's be clear: this light blue water bottle will make all of your ocean dreams come true.


We would rather not take you out of your tropical daydream, but did you know that right at this moment an estimated 4.7 billion kilos of plastic is drifting around in our oceans? And that, on the coasts of Holland, you and your lovely sea legs pass by know fewer than 19 caps and seven plastic bottles every 100 metres? It's high time to turn the tide. From now on, don't buy any more disposable bottles, and instead use this light blue Dopper. It might be just a drop of water on a hot griddle, but together lots of drops can make a big splash.