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  • Dopper Water Bottle 450ml - Sea Green
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Dopper Water Bottle 450ml - Sea Green

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Make your Christmas count! Give a Dopper, save our oceans from single-use plastic and be merry all year round. H2Ohoho!

Close your eyes a bit. No, really, all the way, just for a bit. Now just imagine: it's a sweltering summer day, one of those where the sweat runs down your but-crack, and for which you called in sick for work. After hours on the sticky train heading towards the beach, with your last bit of strength, you drag yourself over the burning sand to the sea. And then, without hesitation, you dive head-on into the cool water. That delicious, cool sea water. Aaahhh ... Can you see it? That's the exact feeling you get every time you drink from this sea-green Dopper. 

Drink tap water. Stop plastic Pollution. Smile at strangers. 



Our seas, whether they leave you hot or cold, they are absolutely necessary for all life on Earth. Yet, every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste disappear into our oceans. Yes, really: 8 billion kilos. By refilling this sea-green water bottle with tap water, you drink the oceans clean, sip by sip. Because a Dopper easily saves 40 plastic water bottles a year. It may sound like carrying water to the sea, but each step is a giant leap forward for the oceans! 




By clicking on the shopping cart-button just now, you not only take care of clean water in the oceans, but also from the tap. Because with the purchase of this green Dopper bottle, you instantly support the Dopper Foundation drinking water projects in Nepal. Funded by 5% of the net sales turnover, the Foundation also concentrates on education and research into the plastic problem.