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eKu 4 piece Peeler & Garlic Press Set ~ Salmon

$54.95 Regular price $68.80

The Peeler Pack. Including all 3 peelers - Swivel for round items, Y peeler for long items and Julienne for grated or garnishes, Plus the classic garlic press.

The eKu peeler is our most iconic eKu product in our range. Perfectly designed for the repetitive motion of prepping great meals for the family. Our stainless-steel blade cuts through the toughest of skins from from potatoes to apples and all the vegetables in between.

The eKu garlic press will mince the garlic quickly and easily cutting your prep-time down. Made from a sleek dishwasher safe carbon fibre chamber with a stainless steel mesh, it is resistant from scratches and pulls out of the of the mould for an easy clean. 

Stainless steel serrated teeth cut items into thin, elegant strips. With a built-in eyer to remove blemishes. Perfect for the garnish on a dinner or kid's snacks. 

Y peeler is the classic comfy peeler. Often used to peel longer and larger food items the Y peeler has been designed for repetitive peeling motion and won’t cramp your hand.