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eKu Garlic Press

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The eKu garlic press is perfect for mincing garlic the way you like it. Our sturdy stainless steel press is large enough for any size garlic. Our oversize handle allows for a good grip on the press and an easy squeeze. Our easy to hold bold, soft touch handle is designed for the utmost comfort on the hardest of squeezes.

Made from a sleek, dishwasher safe carbon fiber chamber and stainless steel mesh, it's resistant to scratches and won't absorb the garlic scent like other materials.

It crushes the garlic to a uniform, smooth mince-like consistency. The high-quality stainless steel mesh will cut down on prep time - making it quick and easy to make crushed garlic. To clean, simply flush the chamber with water and place it fully extended in the top rack of the dishwasher.