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OXO Lock Top Container 0.9L – Small 2 piece Set

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Lock top container small 2 piece set

A new shape of storage container that does not leak with excellent sealing power
It features simple and comfortable operability that can be opened and closed simply by raising and lowering the white frame of the lid.
Not only can you store food and ingredients, but you can also put your lunch, fruits, dips and toppings in it, and don't worry about it being carried to your office, school, or park. It is also useful for home parties where you bring your own food, to share the food, and to freeze the prepared food.
With a semi-transparent lid and a highly transparent container, you can see the contents at a glance from any angle. Since it can be stacked (stacked and stored), the inside of the refrigerator and freezer can be neatly organised, and the lid can be disassembled and washed when cleaning. The small size (120ml) set of 2 is convenient for storing and carrying dressings and sauces. Please choose the most suitable size for your application.