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OXO Good Grips Pop 3-Piece Rectangle Set with Scoop

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Set of popular pop containers with "enchanting storage"

It is a storage container for dry food that can be opened and closed by simply pressing the button attached to the middle of the lid, and the pop-up button can be used as a handle as it is. Even during cooking or even if one hand is blocked, it can be sealed with one touch operation.
With scoops, it is active in a wide range of seasonings, snacks, coffee, etc. It is also ideal for gifts with a gift box.
There are five types of lid shapes: Mini Square, Small Square, Big Square, Slim Rectangle, and Rectangle.
There are four types of height: mini, short, medium and tall, from the smallest to the smallest.
The height is 2 times shorter than the Mini, 3 times is medium, and 4 times is common to the shape of all lids with Thor, so you can organize neatly in the counter and cupboard. Even if the size is different, it can be stacked (stacked and stored) neatly.
Square-shaped containers can be stored in a space-saving space, but are also easy to grasp and pour contents from corners. Because it is used every day, it is a storage container that pursues ease of use.
In addition to the included scoop, accessories sold separately are supported (some sizes are not supported).


(1) Rectangle (Mini) - 600ml × x 16cm/ Length 16cm× Width 11cm× Height 8cm (2)Rectangular (Short) - 1.6L × 1pc/Length 16cm× Width 11cm× Height 16cm (3)Rectangle (Medium) - 2.6L × 1pc/Length 16cm× Width 11cm× Height 24cm (4) Pop Scoop - 120ml × 1pc

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