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Kitchen Homewares Australia is a company run by two ladies from Sydney who love everything homewares. We sell products that fill both of our homes with items we use everyday.

We love animals especially our dogs Kelvin and Kyjai and the newest addition to Steph's family Barry. So we assure all our pet products are fit for your puppies too. They are just as much apart of your family and deserve the best!

Steph & Kylie x

About Us

Who is excited to go out into the world again???⁠
We are definitely counting down the days. To celebrate we are putting an original stojo in every order over $60. ⁠

We found a bunch of the original colours and thought to brighten your day and give back to you all!⁠

So you can go have a picnic in the mean time and enjoy a beverage as well! 🥰☕⁠

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